Our Expertise.


We are developing state-of-the-art multimodal biometric systems which can be used in any biometric kiosk as well as and stand-alone system at the borders, important places such as hospitals, police, shopping mall and airports.

Customer Satisfaction Analysis

We are developing cutting edge technology on use of audio-visual data for analyzing the customer satisfactions in the shopping arenas. Our multimodal system can be embedded into the existing security networks of the arenas and malls.


Meet the team.

Märt Mägi

Founder, CEO

G. Anbarjafari (Shahab)

Management Board


We are a technological company following the new machine learning and computer vision advances in order to bring them to the useful form so that other businesses and end users will benefit from it. Our solution are covering wide range of security, human behavior analysis, virtual and augmented reality for e-commerce and computer vision based automation of systems.


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